Windows Hot Keys List

Here is the list of Windows hot keys:
Win + E (Explorer)
Win + Pause (Properties of the system)
Win + F1 (Windows Help)
Win + F (Search for files)
Win + Сtrl + F (Computer search)
Ctrl + Esc или Win (Menu Start)
Ctrl + Shift + Esc (Task Manager)
Win + D (Collapse all windows)
Win + R (The Run window)
Win + L (Block)
Printscreen (Screenshot)
Alt + Printscreen (Screenshot of the active window)
Win + Tab или Win + Shift + Tab (Switch between windows)
Alt +Tab (Easy switching between windows)
Ctrl + N (Creating a new object, document, opening a new window)
Ctrl + P (Printing)
Ctrl + Z (Undo the last action)
Alt + Enter (In some applications, switching to full screen mode and back)
F5 (updating the window)

Work with text:
Ctrl + A (select all)
Ctrl + C или Ctrl + Insert (copy to clipboard)
Ctrl + X или Shift + Delete (cut to clipboard)
Ctrl + V или Shift + Insert (paste from clipboard)
Ctrl + S (saving a document or project)
Ctrl + O (opening an object or document)
Ctrl + Home (move to the beginning of the document)
Ctrl + End (move to the end of the document)
Ctrl + Shift + left/right arrow (text selection by words)
Ctrl + left/right arrow (move the cursor by words)

Working with files:
Alt + Enter (When a selected object in the directory opens its properties)
F2 (object renaming)
Shift + F10 (context menu, like right-click)
Shift + Delete (the irrevocable removal of the object, bypassing the basket)
Enter (similar to double-clicking a mouse)
Delete (object deletion)
Ctrl + click (arbitrary selection)
Shift + click (highlight adjacent objects)
Ctrl + Shift + dragging with the mouse (create a shortcut)
Ctrl + dragging with the mouse (copying an object)
Shift + dragging with the mouse (object movement)

Working with dialog boxes:
Tab (move forward by options)
Shift + Tab (move to options backward)
Ctrl + Tab (moving tabs forward)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab (moving tabs backward)

When inserting a disk into the CD-ROM, the Shift key cancels the autorun of the contents of the disk.

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