Fn function keys on a laptop work the other way around

Usually, to extend the functionality, there is a special Fn key on laptop keyboards.
If you hold it and press keys, for example, from F1 to F12, then they will perform completely different functions, change the screen brightness, volume level, put the system into sleep mode, turn off/on the Wi-Fi adapter, etc.

But in my case, everything was the opposite, when I needed the F1-F12 keys, instead of them, functional ones worked, which usually work with the Fn clamped, and to press F4 for example, I had to clamp the Fn key as well.

As it turned out, the BIOS had an option Action Keys Mode (in Lenovo laptops – HotKey Mode), the default value of which was Enable, which resulted in the function keys working without pressing Fn.
To make the F1-F12 keys work as usual, set the value to Disable.

By the way, if your function keys do not work at all, then rather the driver is not installed in the system.

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Windows Hot Keys List

Here is the list of Windows hot keys:
Win + E (Explorer)
Win + Pause (Properties of the system)
Win + F1 (Windows Help)
Win + F (Search for files)
Win + Сtrl + F (Computer search)
Ctrl + Esc или Win (Menu Start)
Ctrl + Shift + Esc (Task Manager)
Win + D (Collapse all windows)
Win + R (The Run window)
Win + L (Block)
Printscreen (Screenshot)
Alt + Printscreen (Screenshot of the active window)
Win + Tab или Win + Shift + Tab (Switch between windows)
Alt +Tab (Easy switching between windows)
Ctrl + N (Creating a new object, document, opening a new window)
Ctrl + P (Printing)
Ctrl + Z (Undo the last action)
Alt + Enter (In some applications, switching to full screen mode and back)
F5 (updating the window)

Work with text:
Ctrl + A (select all)
Ctrl + C или Ctrl + Insert (copy to clipboard)
Ctrl + X или Shift + Delete (cut to clipboard)
Ctrl + V или Shift + Insert (paste from clipboard)
Ctrl + S (saving a document or project)
Ctrl + O (opening an object or document)
Ctrl + Home (move to the beginning of the document)
Ctrl + End (move to the end of the document)
Ctrl + Shift + left/right arrow (text selection by words)
Ctrl + left/right arrow (move the cursor by words)

Working with files:
Alt + Enter (When a selected object in the directory opens its properties)
F2 (object renaming)
Shift + F10 (context menu, like right-click)
Shift + Delete (the irrevocable removal of the object, bypassing the basket)
Enter (similar to double-clicking a mouse)
Delete (object deletion)
Ctrl + click (arbitrary selection)
Shift + click (highlight adjacent objects)
Ctrl + Shift + dragging with the mouse (create a shortcut)
Ctrl + dragging with the mouse (copying an object)
Shift + dragging with the mouse (object movement)

Working with dialog boxes:
Tab (move forward by options)
Shift + Tab (move to options backward)
Ctrl + Tab (moving tabs forward)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab (moving tabs backward)

When inserting a disk into the CD-ROM, the Shift key cancels the autorun of the contents of the disk.