How to get into BIOS on Lenovo laptops

Today it was necessary to go into the BIOS on the Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR laptop (80T7), but when you press all the keys that are usually used to enter the BIOS, the laptop did not respond and the system continued to boot.

As it turned out, in the BIOS of this Lenovo laptop model, the HotKey Mode function is activated as standard and the functional keys are activated instead of the F1-F12 keys.

Therefore, to enter the BIOS, it is necessary to press two Fn and F2 keys simultaneously, if HotKey Mode is disabled, then simply F2.

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Install GPON card in Huawei OLT

On the test I’ll take the H805GPFD board with 16 GPON ports and install it in OLT Huawei SmartAX MA5683T without shutting it down.
After inserting on the board, the RUN / ALM indicator flashed red and literally a minute later green.

Optionally, before inserting the board, you can turn on alarm output and then turn off:

alarm output all
undo alarm output all

When the board is already installed, in the configuration mode, confirm it:

board confirm 0/3

And enable ONT detection on ports:

interface gpon 0/3
port 0 ont-auto-find enable
port 1 ont-auto-find enable
port 2 ont-auto-find enable
port 3 ont-auto-find enable
port 4 ont-auto-find enable
port 5 ont-auto-find enable
port 6 ont-auto-find enable
port 7 ont-auto-find enable
port 8 ont-auto-find enable
port 9 ont-auto-find enable
port 10 ont-auto-find enable
port 11 ont-auto-find enable
port 12 ont-auto-find enable
port 13 ont-auto-find enable
port 14 ont-auto-find enable
port 15 ont-auto-find enable

Let’s look at the information about the board:

display board 0/3
display cpu 0/3

Exit the configuration mode and save the current configuration:


If you are using the U2000, then by clicking on the OLT, select “Synchronize NE Configuration Data”.
In the old version of U2000 R009 noticed that in the main window a question mark is displayed instead of the port of the board, in this case it is necessary to update U2000 or for example add ONT through GPON – GPON Management – GPON UNI Port tab – select port – ONU Info tab – Auto Discover ONUs.

See my video on installing H805GPFD in Huawei SmartAX MA5683T:

Configuring UPnP in MikroTik

UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) – universal automatic configuration of network devices, automatically opens ports for p2p applications, games, etc.

In the Winbox settings you can find the “IP” – “UPnP“.

To enable it, check Enabled.

Now you need to specify interfaces, click “Interfaces” and “Add New“.
We’ll add an external WAN port, usually ether1-gateway.
Add an internal port or bridge, such as a bridge.
This completes the configuration.

I’ll give an example of how this will look through the console:

ip upnp set enabled=yes
ip upnp interfaces add interface=ether1-gateway type=external
ip upnp interfaces add interface=bridge type=internal

Kingston SSD Firmware Update

On the test, I will update the SSD firmware of the Kingston SV300S37A 120Gb drive.

1) Download the official utility Kingston SSD Manager with firmware upgrade

2) Run the downloaded utility and if there is a firmware newer, the “Update to firmware …” button will be displayed, and click it to start the update process, which will last a few seconds.

Done, watch the video as I did: