Reset HP A5800 Switch to Factory Default Configuration

On the test, I reset the configuration on the HP A5800 Series Switch JC103A.

And so, connect to the device and see what files are in the device’s memory:


By default, the configuration is saved in the file config.cfg, let’s say that it is, so we’ll delete it:

delete config.cfg

We removed the configuration file, now we will reboot the device:


On the offer to keep the configuration we will refuse and on the next issue agree to the reboot:

This command will reboot the device. Current configuration will be lost, save current configuration? [Y/N]:n
This command will reboot the device. Continue? [Y/N]:y

Done, the switch will start with the default configuration, after which you can begin to configure, for example, as I described in the article – Настройка HP 5800

You can also try to reset the configuration as follows:

reset saved-configuration

Either through the Boot menu, to open it, when you turn on the device, press Ctrl+D and pressing the number 5, we select in the menu the reset of the configuration:

5. Restore to factory default configuration

Then, press 0 to select the reboot:

0. Reboot

When starting the switch, make sure that the configuration is reset:

display current-configuration
display saved-configuration