How to reset Huawei S2326TP-EI

To reset the settings on the Huawei S2300 series switch (I will use the S2326TP-EI as an example), connect to it via the console and press the Ctrl+B or Ctrl+E key combination when turned on, after which we will get into the BOOTROM.

In the BOOTROM menu, by pressing the numbers, select:
5. Enter filesystem submenu

3. Delete file from Flash

A list of files in the Switch’s memory will be displayed. Among them there should be a configuration file with the *.cfg extension, whose name we will type on the keyboard, press “Enter” and confirm the deletion by pressing the “y” key.

After deleting the configuration file, return to the main menu by selecting the item:
6. Return to main menu

And reboot the switch by selecting:
7. Reboot

This completely resets the settings of the Huawei S2326TP-EI switch.

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