How to change BOOTROM password Huawei S2326TP

In this article, I will give some examples of changing the password on the Huawei S2326TP switch and similar ones in this series.

The first option is through the BOOTROM menu.
Connect the console cable to the switch and when it is turned on, press the key combination Ctrl+B or Ctrl+E. After that, the BOOTROM menu will open in which we select “Modify bootrom password”, specify the current and new password. Default passwords are usually:


Also in this menu, you can reset the console password by selecting “Clear password for console user”, and you can also completely reset the configuration, see my article: Resetting the Huawei S2326TP-EI Switch

The second option is through the console.
If the password is unknown, then it can be reset by running the command in the console (this command is not available in all firmware versions):

reset boot password

If the password is known, then it can be changed from the console by running the commands:

bootrom password change

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