File Integrity Check Script

Once on one server it was necessary to monitor the integrity of the file in which the changes were made, and if someone performed a system update, then this file could change and corrections had to be made again.
Usually I use a Zabbix agent and a Zabbix server for such purposes, but this server was single and it makes no sense to install a Zabbix server on it, so I wrote a simple script:

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Script for email notifications when detecting prohibited files

Once, a vulnerability was revealed on one of the file hosting services through which an attacker could upload files to a PHP server and execute it, the vulnerability was fixed and just in case, I wrote a script that would send an email if a PHP file was found in the specified directory:

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Script to check the free space on the HDD

Usually I use Zabbix to monitor free space on the disk system, which also notifies when it is running out, but Zabbix is not used on some servers, so I wrote a small script that performs this check and sends an email notification, for example, if there is less than 12Gb of free memory:

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