Installing and Using GoAccess Log Analyzer on Ubuntu

GoAccess is launched from the command line and can collect information for analysis from the log files of HTTP servers, for example apache2, nginx.

Run the installation command:

sudo apt-get install goaccess

Launch Example:

goaccess -f /var/log/apache2/access.log

Example of parsing all logs:

zcat -f /var/log/apache2/*access.log | goaccess
zcat -f /var/log/apache2/*access.log* | goaccess

Help can be seen by running the command:

man goaccess

Possible startup options:
-f (specify file for analysis)
-c (date and format setting)
-e (IP address exclusion)
-a (inclusion of the User-Agents list for the selected host)
-r (disable IP address translation)

The “q” key is used to exit, “o” for a detailed view.

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