Installing and using Speedtest CLI

In this article, I will give an example of installing and running the Speedtest CLI.

The easiest way is to download the archive from the Speedtest CLI from the official site, unzip it and run the speedtest file as I showed with the command below, after which the speed measurement will start. For example, for Ubuntu and CentOS, I downloaded the x86_64 archive.


You can also install the Speedtest CLI, for example, in CentOS 7 I installed according to the official instructions:

sudo yum install wget
wget -O bintray-ookla-rhel.repo
sudo mv bintray-ookla-rhel.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
# Other non-official binaries will conflict with Speedtest CLI
# Example how to remove using yum
# rpm -qa | grep speedtest | xargs -I {} sudo yum -y remove {}
sudo yum install speedtest

And in Ubuntu 18.04 like this:

sudo apt-get install gnupg1 apt-transport-https dirmngr
export INSTALL_KEY=379CE192D401AB61
# Ubuntu versions supported: xenial, bionic
# Debian versions supported: jessie, stretch, buster
export DEB_DISTRO=$(lsb_release -sc)
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys $INSTALL_KEY
echo "deb ${DEB_DISTRO} main" | sudo tee  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/speedtest.list
sudo apt-get update
# Other non-official binaries will conflict with Speedtest CLI
# Example how to remove using apt-get
# sudo apt-get remove speedtest-cli
sudo apt-get install speedtest

After installation, you can run Speedtest CLI by running the command:


To run in verbose mode or to see which servers are selected:

speedtest -vvv
speedtest --selection-details

The list of servers can be found at
And you can also see a list of nearby servers using the command:

speedtest --servers

Example of launching Speedtest CLI to the specified server:

speedtest --server-id=25121

If the server has several IP addresses or network interfaces, you can specify the necessary:

speedtest --ip=
speedtest --interface=eth0

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