Troubleshooting in Thunderbird “The IMAP server does not support the selected authentication method”

I will share information on this issue that has arisen from me.
I noticed recently on one of the computers that the mail stopped loading in Mozilla Thunderbird and the following message was displayed:

The IMAP server “…” does not support the selected authentication method. Please change the “Authentication Method” in “Account Settings | Server Settings”.

Before that, the mail was successfully downloaded, nothing changed in the Thunderbird configuration and on the mail server.
On a neighboring computer with similar parameters, there was no problem.

As I found out, the problem was in ESET NOD32 Internet Security and after turning off its protection (not a firewall) – the problem disappeared.
It’s amazing that the problem did not appear right away, during mail setup for example.

Since this computer was changing hardware and reinstalling the OS, and also mistakenly installed ESET NOD32 Internet Security, I did not investigate the reason for the blockage, deleted it and installed ESET NOD32 Antivirus, which was always on this computer, with the hope to continue to investigate the problem if it repeats itself, but after that it disappeared and did not appear.

How to view saved passwords in Mozilla Thunderbird

In Mozilla Thunderbird it’s pretty simple – saved passwords from email accounts are stored in the settings.

To open them, open the “Settings” by clicking on the icon on the right in the top corner in the form of three horizontal lines, then select “Settings” and in the submenu again “Settings.”

In the window that appears, select “Protection” and go to the “Passwords” tab.

Next, click on the “Saved passwords“.

In the next window that appears, there will be a list of accounts for which passwords were saved, at the bottom click “Display passwords” and another column with passwords will appear in the list.