TP-LINK TL-WR741ND V2 firmware upgrade from OpenWrt to factory

I updated the firmware once in the TP-LINK TL-WR741ND V2 router with OpenWrt | Kamikaze (r25068).
Standard root login without a password. The user has set some kind of password, so I had to hold the reset for 15 seconds while the router was turned on in order to reset the settings.

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Recovering MySQL InnoDB after power failure

Once, after the power was turned off, the UPS was discharged, then the generator automatic start did not work because it turned on and off several times, as a result, the server with MySQL was also started and disconnected from the power supply several times, later the tables of different databases were damaged , including the default database with mysql users, as a result, the MySQL daemon did not start.

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“Lock the self-replacement of SIM” at Kyivstar

Usually, simple SIM cards of the Kyivstar mobile operator, bought in some kind of stall or store, can be replaced independently with a new SIM card, for example, you can buy another SIM card there and call the operator, say that the old card is lost, report the last few dialed and accepted numbers, then the operator will block the old SIM card and activate a new one but with the same number that was on the old one.

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