Configuring iBGP on Juniper MX

For example, I will configure Internal BGP on Juniper MX204. Since there are servers with Accel-ppp (ipoe) in the network and you need to balance users between these servers and Juniper, iBGP will transfer user routes with /32 mask from all devices to the main router/routers. iBGP is also needed when there are several links to Uplink providers that are connected to different routers, then you need to configure iBGP between these routers.

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Configuring MikroTIk CRS106-1C-5S

For example, I will set up MikroTIk CRS106-1C-5S. This device is a great budget switch that can also work as a router. In my case, it was perfect for an educational institution, there is a combo port on the back wall, which I configured as a WAN and the Internet was connected to it (from GPON ONU with a twisted pair cable), and managed switches were connected to the front 5 SFP ports.

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