Hikvision DS-2CD2032F-I firmware update

For example, I will update the firmware of the Hikvision DS-2CD2032F-I IP camera, in older firmware versions there is a vulnerability through which you can get the administrator password and access to the device, at the time of this writing, I discovered a vulnerability in version V5.4.0 build 160530, updating the firmware to 5.4.5 (170123) fixed this issue.

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MicroTik. How to change LAN IP addresses

I will give an example of changing the range of IP addresses for the local network. The default is, but there are times when an organization uses a different subnet and needs to install a new MikroTik, or when multiple MikroTik devices are used on the same network, or users use multiple MikroTik routers connected in a chain.

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Solution: This computer already has a more recent version of Google Chrome

Once I encountered such a situation when Google Chrome was installed on the computer with a bad auto-installation script, later it was updated (due to which two Google Chromes were displayed in the list of installed programs), and even later it started to work very poorly. Clearing the cache did not help and Google Chrome was removed, but since it was not installed correctly, it was not completely removed, two Google Chromes remained in the list of installed programs, when Google Chrome was removed again, it simply disappeared from the list. When trying to install a new Google Chrome, an error was displayed:

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Cleaning the chamber of the FireProtect Plus Ajax sensor

Once it was necessary to clean the smoke chamber of the Ajax FireProtect Plus sensor, as a dust alarm was triggered (an audible signal was periodically emitted from the sensor itself and a notification in the application).

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