How to find out the password for Huawei EchoLife HG8245

Configured today GPON ONT Huawei EchoLife HG8245C to OLT and it was necessary to go to its web interface to change the password on Wi-Fi, and the standard root login and password admin did not fit. I had to perform several manipulations.
Of course, to begin with, connect to any of the LAN ports, wait until the DHCP ONT is turned on, it will give out IP, such as or set it manually.
Connect via telnet to ONT IP, enter login root and password admin.
Then type the following commands one at a time:

cd /mnt/jffs2/
grep admin  myconfig.xml

As a result, the last command gives information about what is happening in the web interface:




Passwords can also be written on the device label. In the settings you can change the password, in this case the user will be useradmin and the specified password.
For HG8245, the standard administrative login and password telecomadmin \ admintelecom, for users – admin/admin. For Chinese HG8245C standard – telecomadmin \ nE7jA%5m.
There may be further passwords for telecomadmin:


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Etnernet ports are disabled on ONT Huawei EchoLife

I recently noticed a problem that, when ONT, the Huawei EchoLife HG8110, HG8120 and HG8120R watched the Ethernet ports shutdown about 30 seconds after the ONT was turned on.
At the same time, ONT continued to work, the optical connection did not disappear.
On the Huawei EchoLife HG8110 the link did not disappear, but the interface ONT stopped pinging.

The cause was defective power supplies.

Adding ONT Huawei EchoLife HG8120 and HG8120R

On the test I will use ONT Huawei EchoLife HG8120 (works only in Bridge mode as a media converter) and Huawei EchoLife HG8120R (can work as Router & Bridge, with reset settings has no configuration, so it works the same as HG8120 in Bridge mode).
The standard IP for both models is, the login is telecomadmin, the password is admintelecom.
I will use VLAN 228 for the Internet.

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Dying gasp Alarm on Huawei OLT

Sometimes on Huawei OLT you can see Dying gasp Alarm (0x2e11a00b).

Since they often occur, most likely they can be seen by running the commands:

display alarm active alarmid 0x2e11a00b
display alarm history alarmid 0x2e11a00b

I will give an example:

ALARM 531377 FAULT MINOR 0x2e11a00b SERVICE QUALITY 2017-12-06 08:19:27+02:00
ALARM NAME : The dying-gasp of GPON ONTi (DGi) is generated
PARAMETERS : FrameID: 0, SlotID: 5, PortID: 6, ONT ID: 32, Equipment ID:
DESCRIPTION : The ONT is power off
CAUSE : The power supply of the ONT is abnormal
ADVICE : Check the power supply of the ONT and ensure that the power
supply works in the normal state

These alarms occur when power is lost or the power cord is removed from the ONT, at this moment ONT manages to send the Dying gasp message to the OLT.
Dying gasp is also used on many other devices, for example, to correctly terminate the connection.

Alarm solution 0x2e112007 “The OLT cannot receive expected optical signals from the ONT in four consecutive frames”

Recently noticed that OLT (MA5683T) disables one ONT and reports an alarm “0x2e112007”.

After watching the alarm history:

display alarm history all
display alarm active all
alarm active clear all
display alarm active all

Observed the following:

ALARM 470141 FAULT WARNING 0x2e112007 SERVICE QUALITY 2017-10-19 09:17:50+02:00
ALARM NAME : The distribute fiber is broken or OLT can not receive
expected optical signals from GPON ONT(LOSi)
PARAMETERS : FrameID: 0, SlotID: 4, PortID: 3, ONT ID: 38, Equipment ID:
DESCRIPTION : The OLT cannot receive expected optical signals from the ONT
in four consecutive frames
CAUSE : (1) The fiber is broken
(2) The quality of the optical path is poor
(3) The ONT hardware fails
ADVICE : (1) Check tributary optical fiber connection and backbone
optical fiber orderly, clean the fiber connector and replace
the fiber if necessary
(2) Ensure that the optical attenuation of the optical path is normal
(3) Reset the ONT or replace the ONT

I tried to activate ONT:

interface gpon 0/4
ont activate 3 38

But OLT still turned it off, at different intervals of 1-10 minutes.

Example of viewing the statistics of the number of alarms:

display alarm statistics

Viewing the alarm configuration:

display alarm configuration 0x2e112007

The ONT model was TP-Link GP110 with a signal of -15 for receiving and 2.1-2.7 for sending.
We tried to replace ONT with Alcatel-Lucent I-010G, the signal became -17, and OLT even more often began to turn it off.
Cleaning the connectors and digesting the dividers also did not help.

The problem was in a sagging piece of cable that hung from a very high altitude, after its replacement, the alarm disappeared, and the send signal became stable 2.46.