I connect sensors to UniPing v3

It was necessary to monitor once at one of the stations with servers when power supply disappears. At the station, the UPS was installed, and there was a generator in front of them, which turned on automatically when there was no power supply, so there were cases when the generator could not start, and the UPS was discharged and everything turned off.

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“Lock the self-replacement of SIM” at Kyivstar

Usually, simple SIM cards of the Kyivstar mobile operator, bought in some kind of stall or store, can be replaced independently with a new SIM card, for example, you can buy another SIM card there and call the operator, say that the old card is lost, report the last few dialed and accepted numbers, then the operator will block the old SIM card and activate a new one but with the same number that was on the old one.

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How to remove an IP address from email blacklists

Once I had to remove from the blacklists IP addresses of different dedicated servers located in data centers, since some mail services did not receive emails from them, due to the fact that the previous tenant did not use the IP address honestly or had viruses, spammed, and the current one got locks.

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